class slixmpp.componentxmpp.ComponentXMPP(jid, secret, host=None, port=None, plugin_config=None, plugin_whitelist=None, use_jc_ns=False)[source]#

Slixmpp’s basic XMPP server component.

Use only for good, not for evil.

  • jid – The JID of the component.

  • secret – The secret or password for the component.

  • host – The server accepting the component.

  • port – The port used to connect to the server.

  • plugin_config – A dictionary of plugin configurations.

  • plugin_whitelist – A list of approved plugins that will be loaded when calling register_plugins().

  • use_jc_ns – Indicates if the 'jabber:client' namespace should be used instead of the standard 'jabber:component:accept' namespace. Defaults to False.

connect(host=None, port=None, use_ssl=False)[source]#

Connect to the server.

  • host – The name of the desired server for the connection. Defaults to server_host.

  • port – Port to connect to on the server. Defauts to server_port.

  • use_ssl – Flag indicating if SSL should be used by connecting directly to a port using SSL.


Pre-process incoming XML stanzas by converting any 'jabber:client' namespaced elements to the component’s default namespace.


xml – The XML stanza to pre-process.


Once the streams are established, attempt to handshake with the server to be accepted as a component.


xml – The incoming stream’s root element.