event handler#

A callback function that responds to events raised by XMLStream.event().


A set of keys defined on a stanza plugin.


An XML payload sent over the XML stream, which is the root of XMPP. A stanza is either <iq/>, <message/> or <presence/>. Other elements are called nonzas.

stanza object#

Informally may refer both to classes which extend ElementBase or StanzaBase, and to objects of such classes.

A stanza object is a wrapper for an XML object which exposes dict like interfaces which may be assigned to, read from, or deleted.

stanza plugin#

A stanza object which has been registered as a potential child of another stanza object. The plugin stanza may accessed through the parent stanza using the plugin’s plugin_attrib as an interface.

stream handler#

A callback function that accepts stanza objects pulled directly from the XML stream. A stream handler is encapsulated in a object that includes a Matcher object which provides additional semantics.


See stanza plugin