Differences from SleekXMPP#

Python 3.7+ only

slixmpp will work on python 3.7 and above. It may work with previous versions but we provide no guarantees.

Stanza copies

The same stanza object is given through all the handlers; a handler that edits the stanza object should make its own copy.


Because stanzas are not copied anymore, Stanza.reply() calls (for IQs, Messages, etc) now return a new object instead of editing the stanza object in-place.

Block and threaded arguments

All the functions that had a threaded= or block= argument do not have it anymore. Also, Iq.send() does not block anymore.

Coroutine facilities

See Using asyncio

If an event handler is a coroutine, it will be called asynchronously in the event loop instead of inside the event caller.

A CoroutineCallback class has been added to create coroutine stream handlers, which will be also handled in the event loop.

The Iq object’s send() method now always return a Future which result will be set to the IQ reply when it is received, or to None if the IQ is not of type get or set.

Many plugins (WIP) calls which retrieve information also return the same future.

Architectural differences

slixmpp does not have an event queue anymore, and instead processes handlers directly after receiving the XML stanza.


If you find something that doesn’t work but should, please report it.