Source code for slixmpp.plugins.xep_0059.stanza

# Slixmpp: The Slick XMPP Library
# Copyright (C) 2010 Nathanael C. Fritz, Erik Reuterborg Larsson
# This file is part of Slixmpp.
# See the file LICENSE for copying permission.
from slixmpp.xmlstream import ElementBase, ET
from slixmpp.plugins.xep_0030.stanza.items import DiscoItems

[docs] class Set(ElementBase): """ XEP-0059 (Result Set Management) can be used to manage the results of queries. For example, limiting the number of items per response or starting at certain positions. Example set stanzas: :: <iq type="get"> <query xmlns=""> <set xmlns=""> <max>2</max> </set> </query> </iq> <iq type="result"> <query xmlns=""> <item jid="" /> <item jid="" /> <set xmlns=""> <first></first> <last></last> </set> </query> </iq> Stanza Interface: :: first_index -- The index attribute of <first> after -- The id defining from which item to start before -- The id defining from which item to start when browsing backwards max -- Max amount per response first -- Id for the first item in the response last -- Id for the last item in the response index -- Used to set an index to start from count -- The number of remote items available """ namespace = '' name = 'set' plugin_attrib = 'rsm' sub_interfaces = {'first', 'after', 'before', 'count', 'index', 'last', 'max'} interfaces = {'first_index', 'first', 'after', 'before', 'count', 'index', 'last', 'max'}
[docs] def set_first_index(self, val): """ Sets the index attribute for <first> and creates the element if it doesn't exist """ fi = self.xml.find("{%s}first" % (self.namespace)) if fi is not None: if val: fi.attrib['index'] = val elif 'index' in fi.attrib: del fi.attrib['index'] elif val: fi = ET.Element("{%s}first" % (self.namespace)) fi.attrib['index'] = val self.xml.append(fi)
[docs] def get_first_index(self): """ Returns the value of the index attribute for <first> """ fi = self.xml.find("{%s}first" % (self.namespace)) if fi is not None: return fi.attrib.get('index', '')
[docs] def del_first_index(self): """ Removes the index attribute for <first> but keeps the element """ fi = self.xml.find("{%s}first" % (self.namespace)) if fi is not None: del fi.attrib['index']
[docs] def set_before(self, val): """ Sets the value of <before>, if the value is True then the element will be created without a value """ b = self.xml.find("{%s}before" % (self.namespace)) if b is None and val is True: self._set_sub_text('{%s}before' % self.namespace, '', True) else: self._set_sub_text('{%s}before' % self.namespace, val)
[docs] def get_before(self): """ Returns the value of <before>, if it is empty it will return True """ b = self.xml.find("{%s}before" % (self.namespace)) if b is not None and not b.text: return True elif b is not None: return b.text else: return None