Jabber IDs (JID)

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Jabber IDs (JID)

class slixmpp.jid.JID(jid=None)[source]

A representation of a Jabber ID, or JID.

Each JID may have three components: a user, a domain, and an optional resource. For example: user@domain/resource

When a resource is not used, the JID is called a bare JID. The JID is a full JID otherwise.

JID Properties:
full:The string value of the full JID.
jid:Alias for full.
bare:The string value of the bare JID.
node:The node portion of the JID.
user:Alias for node.
local:Alias for node.
username:Alias for node.
domain:The domain name portion of the JID.
server:Alias for domain.
host:Alias for domain.
resource:The resource portion of the JID.
Parameters:jid (string) – A string of the form '[user@]domain[/resource]'.

Return an unescaped JID object.

Using an unescaped JID is preferred for displaying JIDs to humans, and they should NOT be used for any other purposes than for presentation.


New in version 1.1.10.

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